Feeling stiff and not very supple or having niggles in your joints and back…
Want to improve your movement, posture and strengthen your core… Nervous about starting something in cause you’ll be left behind or not sure what to do… Tried to before and it didn’t work or you didn’t get it…
You’re not alone – Let us help!
Book your free pilates taster class which can help you feel better and move better.

Just simply click a date and select a time that works for you. On the next page just fill in your details to complete your booking.

If you can’t find a time that works for you, have any issues at all or would prefer to speak to a human, please call our admin team on 01722 632177.

3 Reasons to book now:
  • Reduce aches and pains as well as improve your strength, posture and balance
  • Improve your flexibility and keep mobile
  • Small classes will make you feel at ease, safe to exercise and make sure you are doing it correctly
Julie did and she said:
“I was concerned that it would be complicated and not suitable for my poor coordination. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, I could feel that I had worked muscles in my stomach area. I also felt that my posture was a little better. My body felt a little more free and relaxed.”