Sound Therapy

Who is Sound Therapy suitable for?

  • Feeling stressed, anxious, worried and tired?
  • Finding it hard to have a clear mind and concentrate?
  • Struggling with fatigue, headaches and migraines?
  • Feeling low mood, unmotivated, brain fog and not sleeping well?
  • Feel like always on the go, need to step of the hamster wheel?
  • Want to relax, unwind and have quality me time?

What is sound therapy?

Immerse yourself in the sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls. Striking the bowls create the most amazing range of sounds and vibrations. Each bowl has a different tonal resonance (sound) and vibrational pulsing sensations to feel. Therapy harnesses these two qualities to create a deep sense of relaxation, calmness, de- stress, thoughts drift away and your mind feels clear and focused. People often find they have a better quality of sleep. I personally feel it is a beautiful way to feel grounded (less in my head and thoughts), calm, rejuvenated and energised. Sound therapy is a complimentary therapy with a growing body of supporting scientific research. It combines ancient eastern practices and modern scientific research (SEMPA). Across the world many cultures embrace sound as celebration, ceremony, prayer, medicine and healing. Emotional freedom technique (EFT) works where the person talks about they fears or worries, naturally some parts of the body tense as a result. The taping technique which EFT uses releases that tension and stored fear. The bowls can be used in a similar way as the vibration from the bowls generate gentle rhythmic pulsations. These pulses dissipate through the body, massaging the cells and releasing energy from the body which promotes healing.

How will it help you?

Our daily life, postures we repeatedly hold the body in and emotional stress which is stored in the physical body create tension and energy blocks. Sound and vibration release the physical and emotional tension allowing for relaxation and healing. When you feel stress the brain stimulates a stress response in the body and the releasing of chemicals and hormones from the adrenal system to cope with what you are experiencing (linked with the fight or flight mechanism). Repeated stress creates a repeated pattern which is often where we hear about adrenal fatigue. You can reprogram this continuous cycle of adrenal overstimulation and fatigue through several methods for example movement, changing serotine levels, vibration, tapping and using singing bowls.

How does it change our mental health?

With today’s modern lifestyle people generally are spending more time with their brain waves working in beta waves. This when your brain is being analytical, or a combination of analytical and stressed or panicked. This is when you brain stimulates the hormonal glands within your body to release hormones to cope with the stress. When you hear the tones of the bowls your brain automatically switches to alpha (relaxed) mode followed by Theta (deeply relaxed). When you are in alpha waves you are in a state of relaxation, this can also be achieved through breath practice. Through repetition we are able to train the brain to relax and not stimulate hormone release. Feeling the vibration releases tension or energy blocks restoring blood flow and carrying oxygen to the area or restriction. The vagus nerve is also stimulated ( Parasympathetic nervous system) and kicks in creating a relaxation response, reduced heart rate and blood pressure.

Other healing that occurs through sound therapy:

  • restoring optimum brain function,
  • balancing brain activity,
  • balancing Immune systems,
  • balancing adrenal glands and hormones
  • massaging Organs

How is Sound massage therapy different?

In the Sound massage 121 session we spend time moving the vibrating bowl on the body so each area feels the benefit of the vibration and relaxes. The bowls are able to identify areas of the body where tension is manifesting and restricting energy flow to the area. The bowls work to soften the tension within these areas restoring optimal energy flow. If you are prone to headaches, migraines and sinus issues this is a great session for you as we place the bowl on your head which helps to focus the sounds and vibrations to the head which melts away tension and restrictions . When we use the bowls for massage therapy the vibrating bowls work similarly to deep tissue massage however the vibration goes deeper than it is possible with the hands. The bowls create tissue change within the muscles as well as the fascia (connective tissue similar to a spiders web surrounding most tissues within the body) as well as impacting internal organs, immune system, reproductive system and the afore mentioned hormone system. The bowls works in meridians and chakras but also can unwinding lines of fascia which maybe restricted.

What to expect after session?

Sound bath the feeling of calmness, rejuvenated and a quieter mind. People often say they slept really well afterwards. For some the feel like they need quiet and space afterwards but some feel energised it will depend on how you are feeling before you come into the session. Sound massage therapy people feel deeply relaxed and calm. They feel restored but can feel the need for the continuation of relaxation and quiet afterwards. Occasionally if you have been storing emotions up then they can be released by crying. Please note you may need to sit for a while after the session before driving and going about your normal day to day. There is often the need to not rush around straight away as it takes time for your brain to recalibrate and get used the feelings you have experienced.

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Here is What My Clients Are Saying
“The calm quite atmosphere and the sound, I loved the sound bath. I noticed a quieter mind, feeling calm and rested.” Gay

“I was worried I might fall asleep and snore. I liked the quiet , relaxing and my time for a hour. Before I found it hard to relax and really suffer with headaches. Now I can relax more and Also my headaches are not as bad. I enjoyed there being no rush after the class to go. ” Julie

“I love the relaxation and the reverberations are amazing! As I said, the reverbs were great and seemed to go on for longer than last time.” Hazel

“I have noticed just a general feeling of calm. Interestingly, my sleep pattern seems to be rather better than usual – I am less disturbed and feel more refreshed.” Megan

“I was worried as didn’t know what to expect. I liked being able to have the time to relax and have a clear mind. I slept right through last night which is the first time in a while as I haven’t been sleeping well / waking up a lot. I also have felt really chilled/less anxious. Thank you!” Jess

“I had no idea what it would be like so went in with an open mind. It was very relaxing – I particularly liked it when the bowls were close so you could feel the vibration and I did sleep well afterwards.” Lorna