Aware you are holding tension in your muscles and joints and nothing seems to ease it?

Feeling stressed, tired and finding it hard to have a clear mind and concentrate? Struggling with fatigue, headaches and migraines? Want to relax, unwind and have quality me time?

You’re not alone – Let us help!

Book in to our Sound Therapy Massage today to reduce tension, feel calm and relaxed

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If you can’t find a time that works for you, have any issues at all or would prefer to speak to a human, please call our admin team on 01722 632177.

3 Reasons to book now:

  • Enjoy the relaxing sounds of the Tibetan bowls to help unwind and restore.
  • Listening to the sounds of the bowls helps to clear the mind, let go, feel calm and focused.
  • Feeling the vibration of the bowls helps to ease muscle tension, headaches, migraines and get a good quality sleep.

Here is what my clients are saying…

“It was relaxing and I noticed it relieved tension and helped me sleep well.”


“The whole session was very comforting and calming. It was very soothing and really allowed me to disconnect with everyday and other thoughts.”


“I have noticed just a general feeling of calm. Interestingly, my sleep pattern seems to be rather better than usual – I am less disturbed and feel more refreshed.”