Feeling stiff and not very supple or having niggles in your joints and back…

Want to improve your mobility, flexibility, posture and strengthen your core… Feeling stressed and noticing tension in your muscles… Nervous about starting something in case you’ll be left behind or not sure what to do… Tried Pilates before and it didn’t work or you didn’t get it…

You’re not alone – Let us help!

If you are someone who is looking to reduce aches and stiffness, be able to move more freely, improve your flexibility, core strength and posture this beginners taster class will help you to do all these things and more. Our aim is to show you how pilates can help you achieve your personal goals and get back to enjoying life.

Book your free online small pilates taster class which can help you feel better and move better.

Just simply click a date and select a time that works for you. On the next page just fill in your details to complete your booking.

If you can’t find a time that works for you, have any issues at all or would prefer to speak to a human, please call our admin team on 01722 632177.

3 Reasons to book your online pilates class now:

  • Reduce aches and pains as well as improve your strength, posture and balance
  • Improve your flexibility, reduce stress and keep mobile
  • Small classes will make you feel at ease, safe to exercise and make sure you are doing it correctly

Katherine did and she said:


“I was part way through the Bodyfixit six week beginners pilates course when the corona virus lockdown was announced.  Gemma swiftly and seamlessly transferred my class to online, and even though I’m not great with technology, even I could cope with just  clicking the emailed link to join the class virtually.

I had wondered if it would be possible to have the same excellent experience online, but Gemma’s attention to detail as always is second to none.  Even the things I think I’ll get away with (wobbly legs, tension in the knees, poor lower back position) don’t escape her notice via camera!
I’m so glad I’m doing pilates with Bodyfixit during this pandemic.  Stress levels are greater than usual, and I really feel the tension in my neck and shoulders which relax after a class.  I highly recommend – we need to look after ourselves now more than ever!”

Elizabeth did and she said:

“I started Pilates with Bodyfixit last year…..was worried that with having to stay indoors, I would have to stop, but thankfully, Bodyfixit found a really good way to keep it up.

I thought I would struggle with the technology, but no, Gemma was on hand, as ever, to smooth things over….no problems….once I has sorted my space out and experimented with Mat and iPad…..I was good to go!  My phone would have been fine too!
Never thought I would say this, but I really look forward to my class…the interaction is great….unlike large classes in halls, this is really personal, and I was surprised that Gemma can still spot if I am doing something in the wrong way, and, gently, corrects me…therefore no unexpected aches and pains…brilliant!
Before I started Pilates, with Bodyfixit, my backside blended in with my legs…I now have a ‘nearly’ defined bottom…RESULT! 
Thank you”

Lesley did and she said:

“My concern was that I wouldn’t feel as supported by doing classes online but Gemma’s constant attention to us online ensures that any mistakes I am making are corrected so that I get the maximum gain from the exercises but do not cause any injury to myself.

I feel incredibly supported by Gemma as I progress with Pilates, there is always a level of every move that is suitable, whether as a beginner you are doing the first level or moving on through as you become more experienced.   She is very encouraging and ensures that you get the individual attention you need to stay well while doing the exercises,

Since starting  Pilates I have found that I am more supple and can move and stretch more when doing normal household chores.  I also find that I sleep better.    It is great to have a full length course to carry on with online as it is too easy to follow something online but give up half way through.  With the two way zoom lessons you can keep up and even do more classes than normal.”

Carol did and she said:

“I was initially concerned that the technology would be beyond my capabilities, but was pleasantly surprised of how well it all works. I was amazed at the amount of one to one time that could be achieved by video link. It really makes the sessions feel special.I feel that since starting the classes, I have become more calm, and much more supple, and I’ve made lots of new friends.”