Why is Bodyfixit the right choice to help you?

My name is Gemma and welcome to Bodyfixit where we are passionate about helping people who are frustrated with aches and pains stopping them moving easily and enjoying being active and life.

We show people how they can manage their body, resolve their aches and pains, achieving their goals and get back to smiling.

We love it when a client comes in and has been able to sit comfortably in a chair for the first time in ages, sleep comfortably or do their challenge they have set themselves.

We help people see that there is an alternative to feeling stressed, cautious when you move and worried you are going to make it worse, also that taking pain medication, putting up with something or losing weight is not the only answer.

We are passionate about empowering people to get to know their own body, what works for them and how with awareness and simple exercises you can get back to moving easily and enjoying life.

We believe that goal focused deep tissue massage doesn’t need to be painful and the amount of pressure is made specific to your needs.

At bodyfixit we have tried to create a welcoming environment where no question is silly, you feel listened to and supported on your journey, encouraged to keeping moving forward even when it is difficult and ready to jump on our cosy couch for some quality ME time. 


Why are we so passionate?

Before helping with aches and pains I used to work as a ski instructor, teaching adults and kids how to ski and explore the mountains having fun. Over the years I had several injuries (nothing major luckily).

From what I now know is due a combination of poor exercise technique and holding certain skiing positions I injured myself but at the time no one could tell me why it was happening and how to best get rid of it.

I struggled to walk, let alone move and work without aches and constant soreness which I found it so frustrating. I also felt stuck as no one could help me or tell me what I should be doing myself. So I learned to listen to my body, stop exercising, take it easy and also found a brilliant massage therapist who got and understood me.

Now I am lucky I don’t have aches and pains anymore because I have learnt to manage my body and I love massage as it reduces my aches and stiffness and makes me feel relaxed and ready to take on my day.

So I started back on my Sports Therapy which I had studied and qualified at the University of Central Lancashire (https://www.uclan.ac.uk) in between teaching skiing. In 2014 I qualified from the North London School of Sports Massage (http://www.nlssm.com) and opened Bodyfixit to assist people on their journey to learning how they can manage their body, resolve their aches and get back to smiling and enjoying life.


This is what we do at Bodyfixit

If this sounds like a good fit for and what you’ve been looking for, then get in touch with us today. We offer all our new clients a totally free 30 min Get relief from aches consultation to get the problem assessed and be give honest advice on the best way to ease aches and pains. There’s no obligation or hard sell, just an opportunity to see if this is a good fit for clients.

Please feel free to share with friends that might like the sound of this too.
To book your FREE Get relief from aches consultation, simply fill in your details and we will contact you to book in or for a faster service please call 01722 632177 (please note are wonderful admin team are available Monday – Friday 9-5pm)

We look forward to help you soon

The Bodyfixit team

Gemma Gutteridge
Gemma Gutteridge

Meet the Bodyfixit Team


Libby Pardoe: Sports Massage & Osteopathy
Libby will be here to help people with aches and injuries with sports massage, she will also be qualifying as an Osteopath in June. She enjoys treating shoulder injuries, swimming injuries and also helping ladies through pregnancy and post natal recovery

What are you passionate about in terms of helping people with their aches and pains?
I love to people patient back being able to move easily and control of their health and seeing them be the best they can be.

Why do you love sports massage? 
I love sports massage and Osteopathy because when a patient has been in pain for a long time and you work together in a partnership to restore function, and you see them become lighter and happier because of the progression we as a team have made, is fantastic!

What sports are you interested in?
Swimming and Rugby -Libby swam the channel as part of a team when at school

What is your favorite flavour of ice cream? 
mint chocolate. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 
I enjoying training my new black Labrador puppy and spending time with my friends at Young Farmer Club meetings.

Josh Vizard: Sports Massage and Sports Therapy
Josh will be offering sports massage and sports therapy. He loves treating back problems and sports injuries 
What are you passionate about in terms of helping people with their aches and pains?
I’m passionate about getting people back to their full potential, making sure people can maintain their physical and emotional levels through exercise and the manipulation of treatment. I look forward to the challenge of taking on different injuries while building that one-on-one relationship with each client.

Why do you love sports massage? 
Through the treatment of sports massage it allows me to help other people which gives me a huge amount of satisfaction and through small adjustments you can make a huge difference to people’s lives. Seeing people improve through the progression of the treatment you’re giving is a real achievement.

What sports are you interested in?
I’m interested in the majority of sports, I am an avid member of the rugby club and play regularly.

What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? 
Nutella ice cream

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 
I enjoy socialising with my friends, playing rugby and going to the gym. I also enjoying travelling to different places and take any chance to discover a new location.

Client Care

At Bodyfixit we have a fabulous admin team made up of Clare Davison and Jemma Tucker they support us and look after the admin part the business; so they can support you with booking or amending appointments, answering your calls and emails. They are available Monday – Friday 9-5pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

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