Do I need a doctor referral?

No letter is required , complex issues may require a letter stating approval for treatment.

What if I am not sure deep tissue massage can help?

Please feel free to call my assistants Jemma or Clare for advice without obligation [you will be given a call back by Gemma to discuss your suitability and needs for treatment]. We offer new clients a free 30 minute get relief consultation which allows you to discuss this face to face.

Will my health insurance pay for treatment?

Generally massage and sports therapy is not covered. I have found some rare policy’s will allow some treatment. You will need to check with your policy provider.

Consultation and treatment

Please be aware your appointment time always includes treatment and changing time.

Arrival time

For your first consultation please leave enough time to find us. We have a reception area you can wait in before your appointment. Please be aware if you are running late we will not be able to go over your appointment slot as the next client may be waiting.

What should I wear?

Loose fitting stretchy clothing is ideal. During treatment you will be asked to partial undress, especially during initial assessment.

We recommend you bring shorts for a lower limb problem if you are more comfortable.

During massage treatment you will be asked to undress to underwear and covered in a large bath sheet. The areas being treated will then be exposed, whilst covering the rest of the body.

Pregnant and Post pregnant clients will be asked to undress to underwear and covered in a sheet providing extra modesty and comfort.

Please be aware it is not advised to wear new and special clothing and underwear as this may get cream or oil which may not come out in washing.

Can I bring a friend or relative with me?

You are welcome to have someone with you during assessment and treatment. People under the age of 18 we insist on parental consent and presence.

Can I bring my child/baby with me?

We recommend so that you get to switch off completely, de stress and have quality you time you find someone you trust to look after your little one. In an emergency it is possible on request.

If you need to you could have back to back treatment with a friend in a similar situation.

We also offer 5:45 as our last appointment and are open Saturdays for your convenience

24hr cancellation policy

Please be aware prior to booking appointments, rescheduled, cancelled or not attended appointments are charged at the full amount unless 24 hours notice is given. If you are feeling unwell leading up to your appointment it is best to reschedule as early as possible.

What should I expect?

During your first appointment you will be asked to fill in a health and lifestyle form. If you are on medication please know the name of it so that you can fill in the form accurately. The more information you can provide about your body the better, especially about previous injuries or surgeries. They won’t be held against you, it is just to build a picture. We will ask you about your problem and what you want to achieve.

Pregnancy and post pregnancy client’s will be emailed a health and lifestyle form which must be email returned at least 3 days before your consultation. We also ask you to bring your medical notes with you.

You initial consultation will look at your posture, movement and assessing the problem area. This provides a clear picture of what is going on and allows us to create effective specific treatment.

The initial consultation usually includes deep tissue massage to the problem area to help you get relief and relax. It is also allows us to fully assess the problem.

How many sessions will I need?

This will vary depending on the condition but we have a proven treatment program which alleviates aches and pains with lasting results.

How long will my appointment be?

Your initial consultation will be booked for 30 minutes. From the assessment and our discussion with you we will create a specific treatment plan to solve your problem.

Appointments within the plan are either an hour or 45 minutes.

Please note Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy body restore appointments are always 1 hour 30 minutes.

Does it hurt?

I always hear ‘deep tissue or sports massage is painful’. We will always do our best to avoid discomfort. We believe that the aim is to solve the problem without causing pain. We work within the client’s pain tolerance as this allows deep tissue work without tensing.

Problem muscles may require more work than others and sometimes relief can be found with a ‘good pain’ sensation.

You may experience mild soreness the following day, this is a normal response to treatment.

How to make an appointment

Please call Jemma or Clare on 01722 632177 or email

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