What are clients who claimed FREE 30 minute Get Relief from aches, stiffness and pain are saying…

Before seeing Gemma I was stiff and walking cautiously because of being in pain.

No worries or fears about starting the massage treatment I just want to feel normal again.

After seeing Gemma yesterday the results I feel now are good don’t feel so stiff.


Regarding the 30 minute free consultation though my feedback would be that this is an excellent way to encourage people to take the first step to finding help, as we have been struggling with Lucy’s pains for quite a while it has been difficult to know who to see, so this free, no obligation consultation gave us the opportunity to meet you and discuss whether you might be able to help before signing up to anything.

The consultation was very reassuring, and Lucy did feel looser in the back and neck area after the massage, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Anna and Lucy

I was in constant pain and was unable to walk any distance it was affecting my physical and mental wellbeing. After my taster session I had more range of movement and less pain. My pain is more localised to the right side whereas previously it was both sides and across the width of my back. I see this as positive as overall less pain. I am able to walk further and I am less stiff.


Before claiming my Free consultation I had pain in the lower left side of my back and generally feel aches and pains – walking was getting more painful. I was worried I would be told it was because I was overweight and losing weight was all that would help. Everything was explained simply & I understood what the treatment will be.

I was given a rocking floor exercise & of course not crossing my legs when sitting – which I now realise I do pretty much all the time –I am now trying not to do this. After the initial ½ hour session I did feel less pain in my back which has lasted. I am able to walk with more comfort. 

Sue L

Before my session I was very stiff and sore. I had a good amount of relief after seeing you. My SIJ pain has diminished a fair amount and the shoulder feels a lot better as well. I am really looking forward to doing the program and becoming less sore and more flexible. Even after the short amount of treatment I had I feel confident that it will be of great help to me. Can’t wait for my plan to begin!


I had severe muscular back pain with spasms. With deep massage treatments, stretching with specific exercise regime explained and using Rocktape I now have a lack of pain and improved flexibility.


What our clients who had aches, stiffness and pain are saying…

Before the session I noticed a loss of muscle & flexibility from self-inflicted neglect. Since then there has been a steady improvement with less muscle stiffness and more mobility I just need to do my stretches regularly.


Before my first appointment I was in constant pain, not so severe that it stopped me from continuing my normal routine but simple everyday movements were compromised.

After each session I felt much more mobile and was able to manage stiffness and recurring strains with simple stretching exercises. Although I still have a degree of stiffness in my shoulders and neck, my range of movement is much greater and mostly pain free. It really was a treat to be able to bend over without creaking!


Before going to Gemma I had not been able to do physical activity for over 11 months due to having suffered Chronic Fatigue. Because of the lack of activity due to circumstances my sleep was affected and I started noticing that I was developing various aches and pains.

Gemma is extremely knowledgeable and honest with you. Here approach and demeanour is very relaxing and warming and she makes you feel like all her attention is on you. She also explained everything she was doing every step of the way and was very attentive. She even picked up on things that I did not know was causing me issues simply by the way I was laid on the bed. Really made me feel extremely confident and relaxed in her abilities to help me on my road to recovery. The one amazing thing that initially caught me off guard however made me feel even more relaxed and welcome was when she actually asked me what made me happy in life.

She has given me exercises which has helped me loads and after the initial consultation my sleep quality has gone up massively which is extremely reassuring as I am feeling much better in myself and waking up feeling ready for the day ahead. I no longer wake up in the morning dreading how long I would be able to carry out normal activities during the day before I would have to go and take a rest or feel out of breath.

She has an amazing approach to treatment and her techniques are of the highest standard. She is extremely honest from the word go. I absolutely love her treatment method too. I have used various sports therapists in the past and she is the exact type of therapist I have been looking for many years now.

Since I have engaged in Gemma’s services I have managed to get back on my bike for the first time in 11 months and comfortably complete a 45 minute roller session within which I was only 2 minutes off my personal best time for a 10 mile Time Trial effort. I am sleeping so much better and feeling extremely relaxed. I am also able to engage better in normal physical activity. 

Sue K

I was in constant pain and had balance issues. Now I am much less pain and also have much easier movement. My back pain has gone and I have noticed my flexibility has improved.


Before seeing Gemma I had back pain which contributed to irritable moods and reduced movement. I wanted to make sure the massage would be goal-focused and not just relaxing. With massage, exercise and lifestyle advice I have improved performance and far less pain. I feel much better and happier, hoping it will contribute to a lifestyle free from future pain.


Before I found Bodyfixit I was suffering with chronic pain due to scoliosis and endometriosis. It was beginning to have an effect on everyday life as I was unable to do the things I loved such as long walks with my dogs. My condition was beginning to have an effect on my mental wellbeing. After trying various chiropractors and therapists I found Gemma!

Gemma has tailored treatment to suit my busy lifestyle. She has empowered me by giving me various exercises and suggested lifestyle changes to enable me to live with my condition. My treatment with Gemma helps to relieve everyday stresses as well as long term relief from pain.

I have noticed a huge improvement in the distances I can walk free from pain. We are also working towards straightening and strengthening the muscles around my spine. My mental wellbeing has greatly improved and I feel better equipped to cope with ‘the bad days’, I can’t express how grateful I am to Gemma.


Before seeing Gemma I had Troublesome ankle, back, neck and shoulders. Regular maintenance massage enables me to continue dancing and remain supple and virtually pain free.

Now I have infrequent back niggles, ankle strengthening exercises have helped, treatment on my neck stops it becoming stiff combined with an awareness about self-help. You’ve given me confidence and so much advice. Thank you.


I was in pain and couldn’t run properly.

I enjoyed the process of working out what was wrong, e.g. The posture analysis, muscle strengths & imbalances and of course massaging the various muscles. The warm room was also nice! I’ve not been to many others, but I like Gemma’s friendly and professional manner. I think the back strengthening thing is really simple and effective and I’d share that.

 I can feel that my back is improving, because its also all the small things like sitting properly, standing properly, so that my posture is neutral, which seems to be helping. Sleeping is also not as painful.


I had middle to lower back aches and sharp twinges with occasional pain and also discomfort in neck. I was so glad I came to see you and after your massage of my back and neck, I felt relaxed and floaty to the point of falling asleep, which I did when I got home.

Feeling more mobile and after dancing yesterday which included quite a long run – twice – I applied the muscle gel when I got home after a bath and though tired, I slept well.


What our active people who want to keep enjoying activity are saying…

Gemma is extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who was feeling like me and wants relaxed muscles so you can get the best out of your body and enjoy your exercise again!

I am a cyclist and when I first went to see Gemma I had various discomforts in my lower back, glutes and hamstrings but she worked through these methodically over a period of sessions and showed me the stretches I needed to do to compliment the massage.


Mountain & Road Cyclist, Salisbury

As a keen runner I have found Gemma’s treatments to be invaluable.

I have been having regular sports massages with Gemma for over a year now.

The treatments have focused on my legs & glutes, they have helped solve minor niggles & I truly believe they have kept more serious injuries at bay.

Prevention is most definitely the way forward & I feel if I see Gemma regularly this will only benefit my running and enable me to continue entering races & stay in good shape.

I have also gained valuable knowledge from Gemma, regarding stretching & grid rollering. She is extremely professional and a mind of information.


Long Distance Runner, Salisbury

Relief from the constant pain and the confidence that I am on the road to recovery with Gemma’s help. She is also full of excellent advice and extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it works. There was never any rush to get me out of the door – her motivation (I believe) is for her to see her clients walk out happy and in less discomfort than when they walked in!

Gemma has done such fantastic work on my shoulder that I have no hesitation in recommending her.


Swimmer & Working Mum, Salisbury

As a result I have been pain free for weeks now, and am still amazed by the difference Gemma has made.

I first contacted Gemma because I was suffering from lower back pain and was unable to sit down for any length of time. Gemma’s approach was both professional and personal and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


Trampolining & Road Cyclist, Salisbury

Before visiting Bodyfixit I was getting cramps after long exercise in my legs. Now with massage and better stretching I have noticed I am able to go longer and faster on the bike with added strength. I am now able to put more into my sport.


Life has definitely changed for the better.


Long Distance & Trail Runner, Salisbury

I’m proud to have been one of Gemma’s first patients and can highly recommend her.

I’ve learned to my benefit that a good Sports massage, whilst being able to treat existing injuries, should become an essential part of any training routine to prevent the injuries happening in the first place.


Long Distance Runner, Salisbury

Before seeing Gemma I was unable to do any long runs in training to pain in my lower legs. I had completed triathlons and marathons but never been able to train as I would like due to pain. Previously tried massage and not found it particularly helpful, Gemma came recommended so I hoped it would be worth a shout.

The fact it worked! Gemma was very different in that it was a much more hollistic program, as opposed to just a massage. Whilst the massage was really helpful Gemmas advice about stretching and strengthening was invaluable.

Thanks to Gemma I was able to train for and complete a double ultra marathon. For the first time I wasn’t held back by pain in my lower legs and could do the long runs in my training plan. I look forward to working with Gemma in the future for the next challenge!


Long Distance Runner, Triathlete, Salisbury

Having been actively involved in competitive sport – cycling first, then road running – for more years than I care to remember, I recently started with sports massage to help fend off injury that had started to get in the way of the racing and training I want to do.

I’m glad to say that with Gemma’s help, it seems to be working and I’m getting results that put me ahead of most competitors of similar vintage…long may that continue!


Runner, Salisbury

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