Pilates Classes Salisbury

Bodyfixit Pilates Classes Salisbury

Where you’re at right now:

You’ve never done Pilates before and are feeling a little bit nervous about trying it for the first time incase you’re left behind or are not sure what to do.

Worried that your aches and pains will get worse, or that you won’t be able to do the exercise? This might be because you aren’t felling particularly bendy at the moment, or you’ve had trouble with your flexibility for some time.


The problems you’re having right now:

  • Feeling stiff and achy with niggles in your joints and back.
  • Perhaps you’ve been advised that you need to strengthen your core muscles. Or maybe you are feeling like your body just isn’t moving as freely as it should or used to.
  • Strengthening your muscles correctly and a proper understanding of how to do this would be really helpful! Improving your posture so that you feel more at ease when moving is also something you’d like to work on.
Pilates Classes Salisbury

What you need help with right now:

Although you know you need to strengthen your core, you are not really certain of how to do that! You would also like to do it without making your aches and pains worse.

You might feel you are not ready to jump into a mainstream class, where everyone else already knows what they are doing.

You’d like to learn the exercises you need to do to get stronger and move more freely in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment.

Fitness levels a little low – you’re not feeling very fit at the moment and worried you won’t be able to keep up.

How can our Pilates Classes Salisbury help you:

– Reduce aches and stiffness
– Get some ME time
– Increase your flexibility and stay mobile
– Improve your strength and posture

The programme that will suit you best is our “Beginners Pilates Course”

Our expert team of instructors will welcome you into our 6 week Beginners Pilates Course.

We understand that it’s a little daunting to try Pilates for the first time and it’s our priority to put you at ease. Everyone on the course will also be trying Pilates for the first time and chances are, they will also feel just like you do!

In our small classes (maximum 8 people), the aim is to make you feel at ease, safe to exercise and also to make sure that you are doing it correctly.

It is important to us that beginner’s feel welcomed and that they are supported in doing the poses and exercises.

We know that this is the best way for you to get all the benefits of Pilates, such as a stronger core and improved flexibility.

Not sure what to expect from a Pilates class?

– We’re a client centred clinic, who will help you feel welcomed and relaxed
– Our instructors care about how you are doing the exercises
– Taking time – we regularly walk around the room to make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly and safely. We’ll help you to adjust and correct, using props if necessary
– The aim is to help you feel great!

This class includes:
– A slower pace, which helps you to understand the stretches and exercises properly
– Other people like you, who have the same worries about not being very bendy!

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Here is What My Clients Are Saying
I was concerned that it would be complicated and not suitable for my poor coordination.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Each exercise was and demonstrated first. They were very patient and helped me to complete each exercise slowly and in the correct position.

The following day I could feel that I had worked muscles in my stomach area. I also felt that my posture was a little better. My body felt a little more free and relaxed.


 I was concerned the moves would be too complicated and exacerbate the injuries I had previously sought massage help for in the first place. The very individual treatment through small groups meant instructions very specific to my capabilities which addressed all my concerns from the outset.  The only other class I had done was too large to provide the individual instruction. Now I am noticed an improved flexibility, greater stability and the desire to keep going to achieve more.