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Here’s how we can help you with Sports Massage Therapy

Aches and pains

Frustrated with aches, pain or stiffness?

  • Does it effect your daily life and activities?
  • Fed up of feeling older than your years?
  • Feeling stiff and struggling with aches and pains everyday?
  • Want to learn what to do and what to avoid to keep mobile and prevent aches and pains?
  • Love to keep doing the activities you enjoy regardless of your age?

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Back pain

Fed up of dealing with constant back pain?

  • Struggle to move without restriction and sit comfortably?
  • Confused about how to make it better and want to know what to do and avoid?
  • Tried lots of things but find they don’t help and don’t want to take pain medication?
  • Wish you could do something to get rid of it once and for all? 
  • Want to move easily, de-stress and not feel older than your years?

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Running muscle injury

Want to keep moving well and feeling great?

  • Want to avoid aches, stiffness and prevent pain?
  • Determined to keep doing the activities you enjoy regardless of your age?
  • Training for an event and want to avoid injury?
  • Like to learn what to do and what avoid to manage your body better?
  • Want to know how to reduce muscle cramping and delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS)?

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At Bodyfixit we are passionate about helping you to live a pain free life using Sports Massage, because we know how great it feels to rediscover your freedom!

We understand the frustration of being injured, laid up with back pain or muscular aches and it affecting your work and play.

We aim to help you to understand your injury and the causes, so that you can get better quicker and without fear of making things worse. 

You do not have to be sporty to enjoy the benefits of sports massage, it’s for everyone! We also want to assure you that goal focused deep tissue massage doesn’t need to be painful to be effective.

Sports Massage is an amazing technique to help people feel better and move better.


#1) Not sporty? It doesn’t matter!
#2) Worried it will hurt? – You are in control!

Do you know whaRemedial Massage is?

It’s essentially focused Deep Tissue Massage, so it is targeted with a specific goal in mind. For example – an office worker with back pain and neck & shoulder tension, who wants to get rid of it, move better and feel better.

What our Clients Are Saying…

“Gemma is extremely knowledgeable and honest with you. Her approach and demeanor is very relaxing and warming and she makes you feel like all her attention is on you. I am sleeping so much better and feeling extremely relaxed. I am also able to engage better in normal physical activity.” Before going to Gemma I had not been able to do physical activity for over 11 months due to having suffered Chronic Fatigue. Because of the lack of activity my sleep was affected and I started noticing that I was developing various aches and pains. She has given me exercises which has helped me loads and my sleep quality has gone up massively which is extremely reassuring as I am feeling much better in myself and waking up feeling ready for the day ahead. Sue

Sue K - Salisbury

“As a result I have been pain free for weeks now, and am still amazed by the difference Gemma has made.” “I first contacted Gemma because I was suffering from lower back pain and was unable to sit down for any length of time. She took time to analyse my posture and take notes on my sporting activities and other relevant information such as work habits. Together we agreed on a suitable programme of massage, along with exercises to enable me to maintain the improvement myself. Gemma’s approach was both professional and personal and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Camilla - Salisbury

Trampolining and road cyclist

“Before claiming my Free consultation I had pain in the lower left side of my back and generally feel aches and pains – walking was getting more painful. I was worried I would be told it was because I was overweight and losing weight was all that would help. Everything was explained simply & I understood what the treatment will be. I was given a rocking floor exercise & of course not crossing my legs when sitting – which I now realise I do pretty much all the time –I am now trying not to do this. After the initial ½ hour session I did feel less pain in my back which has lasted. I am able to walk with more comfort.”

Sue L - Salisbury

Office worker

“I’m proud to have been one of Gemma’s first patients and can highly recommend her.” I am a distance runner who has spent a lot of time (and money) on physio treatment in the last few years, dealing with various issues after they arose. I’d had sports massage in the past, but didn’t feel it offered any benefit. In summer 2013, whilst suffering yet another running injury, I saw Gemma’s card and thought I’d give her a try. I’ve not been to the physio since! I’ve learned to my benefit that a good Sports massage, whilst being able to treat existing injuries, should become an essential part of any training routine to prevent the injuries happening in the first place.

Carolyn - Salisbury

Long distance runner

Want our tips to be able to sit comfortably at work without aches and pains?

  • Struggling to sit without aches and pains?
  • Feel like you’re constantly having to move and fidget to get relief?
  • Is it affecting your focus and productivity at work?
  • Are you confused about how to get rid of it?

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'Get Relief from Aches' Session or Free Pilates Class


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