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What makes pilates classes different at Bodyfixit?

Hello my name is Gemma, Welcome to Bodyfixit, I hope you are well. I wanted to do this quick video and blog post  on what makes our pilates classes different at Bodyfixit's whether our face 2 face classes or online. There's a lot of different options out there for...

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3 reasons why to try pilates and how pilates can help you

Not sure if Pilates can help you? Hello, everybody it's Gemma from Bodyfixit. I hope you're well. We quite often hear from people who have heard about pilates but they are not really sure if it can help them or if pilates is suitable for them because they have...

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Sport Massage

Sports Massage (Salisbury) is an amazing technique to help people feel better and move better. #1)Not sporty? It doesn’t matter! We use various soft tissue techniques within sports massage which are made specific to the client and what...

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