HELP I Have Had Pain For a Long Time

4 reasons why you should book your 1/2 Price ‘Relief from Aches Session

    • Have your back aches and pains assessed so know why exactly you have the problem, feel reassured and know how to solve it with a plan.
    • Be given a mini massage treatment to ease your back pain straight away.
    • Be shown simple tips and exercises you can do at home to eases your back pain.
    • Be shown how we help people just like you get relief, feel better and move better without pain medication

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Fed up feeling back pain or muscle aches and pain?

  • Feel like been struggling on for a while and not getting any better?

  • Feeling creaky and older than your years, more like 80 than 50?

  • Fed up feeling stiff from sitting, maybe you can’t get out of a chair easily?

  • Worried you will move a particular way and it will catch or go?

  • Are you confused as tried other things and nothing helped?

  • Don’t want to take pain medication to ease it?

  • Feel like need to make changes to posture, how you sleep or how you sit but don’t know how?

Could this be you?

I want to……

  • Get rid of my back aches and pains without medication
  • Improve my posture
  • Be able to get out of bed in a morning (without struggling)
  • Learn how to manage my body better to avoid flair ups
  • Have more energy and sleep better
  • Be able to do the activities I enjoy without worrying about not being able to move the next day

Back Pain
At Bodyfixit we are highly qualified and experienced in helping people just like you get relief from back pain and muscle pain particularly things that have been going on for a while and not seeming to get better.

Ease your back pain and muscle aches and pains with a combination of massage and muscle testing (Neurokinetic Therapy).

This means we can give you massage to ease your symptoms and exercises specific to you to strengthen up the muscles that are causing the problem.

We show people how they can manage their body, resolve their back pain and muscle aches and pains, achieving their goals and get back to smiling.

We love it when a client comes in and has been able to sit comfortably in a chair for the first time in ages, sleep comfortably or do their challenge they have set themselves.

We help people see that there is an alternative to feeling stressed, cautious when you move and worried you are going to make it worse, also that taking pain medication, putting up with something or losing weight is not the only answer.

We are passionate about empowering people to get to know their own body, what works for them and how with awareness and simple exercises you can get back to moving easily and enjoying life.

We believe that goal focused deep tissue massage doesn’t need to be painful and the amount of pressure is made specific to your needs.

At Bodyfixit we have tried to create a welcoming environment where no question is silly, you feel listened to and supported on your journey, encouraged to keeping moving forward even when it is difficult and ready to jump on our cosy couch for some quality ME time.

We offer a variety of different packages to meet your needs and goals. We  invite you to claim your 1/2 Price Relief from Aches Session to experience the benefits massage and treatment can have, take some time for relaxation and reduce any tightness or niggles in muscles.


Does this sound like you?

The program that is perfect for you is our ‘Get out Of Pain’ program.

This program is tailored specifically for you and will give you relief from your back pain and muscle aches and pains

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Here is What My Clients Are Saying

Before the session I noticed a loss of muscle & flexibility from self-inflicted neglect. Since then there has been a steady improvement with less muscle stiffness and more mobility I just need to do my stretches regularly.


Before my session I was very stiff and sore. I had a good amount of relief after seeing you. My SIJ pain has diminished a fair amount and the shoulder feels a lot better as well. I am really looking forward to doing the program and becoming less sore and more flexible. Even after the short amount of treatment I had I feel confident that it will be of great help to me. Can’t wait for my plan to begin!