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Interested in Online Pilates?

Are you, or someone you know wanting to relieve aches and stiffness, keep active and mobile? Are you worried that doing online classes might make your aches or previous injuries worse?

Worried you won’t be able to keep up or that you aren’t very bendy?

The problems you have:

  • Frustrated with feeling stiff and achy and often experience niggles in your joints and back.
  • You may want to strengthen your core and improve your flexibility, posture and get your body back to moving easily.
  • A physio, chiro, osteopath or doctor may have recommended you try Pilates.
  • You’d like to understand how you can strengthen your muscles correctly and improve your posture to feel more ease of movement in your body.
  • Perhaps you’re feeling nervous about starting something new, in case you’re left behind or are not sure what to do.Want to be taught by a Pilates instructor who understand beginners and knows you can’t do the fancy exercises and stretches?!

What you might need help with:

  • Although you know you need to strengthen your core, you are not really certain of how to do that! You also want to do it without making your aches and pains worse.
  • Maybe you are not ready to jump into a mainstream class, where everyone else already knows what they are doing.
  • You want to learn the exercises you need to do to get stronger and move more freely in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment. You’d like to understand how you can strengthen your body correctly, to feel more ease of movement.
  • Not feeling very fit at the moment and worried you won’t be able to keep up?

Online Pilates Classes: how they can help you:

Reduce aches and stiffness
– Get some ME time and de-stress
– Improve your flexibility and keep mobile
– Increase your strength and improve your posture

If that sounds exactly like what you need, we recommend you join us for our free online Pilates taster class!

These small online group sessions are created by a Sports Therapist and an experienced teacher. We will make you feel at ease, safe to exercise and ensure that you are doing it correctly.

It is important to us that beginner’s feel welcomed and that they are supported doing the exercises correctly.

We know that this is the best way for you to get the benefits of Pilates!

– We are a client centred clinic who will help you to feel welcomed in the class.
– We care about how you are doing each of the exercises
– Using video, we can make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly and safely. If necessary we will help you adjust what you’re doing.
– We want to help you feel great!

Our online Pilates class includes:
– a slower pace to help you understand the stretches and exercises properly.
– other people like you, who have the same worries about not being very bendy!

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Here is What My Clients Are Saying

“Even though I’m not great with technology, even I could cope with just clicking the emailed link to join the class virtually.

I had wondered if it would be possible to have the same excellent experience online, but Gemma’s attention to detail as always is second to none. Even the things I think I’ll get away with (wobbly legs, tension in the knees, poor lower back position) don’t escape her notice via camera!

I’m so glad I’m doing pilates with Bodyfixit during this pandemic. Stress levels are greater than usual, and I really feel the tension in my neck and shoulders which relax after a class. I highly recommend – we need to look after ourselves now more than ever!”