Hello and Welcome to Bodyfixit. In this blog we will being sharing 10 benefits of doing Pilates and how pilates can help you physically and mentally.

Benefits of pilates 1

Number 1 is being able to move easier and more freely.

People often find that once they start moving in a gentle way without aches and pains that they slowly can move more without feeling that they are making their aches and pains worse


Benefits of pilates 2

Number 2 is reducing aches and pains.

Through doing gentle movement pain levels reduce, people notice they don’t have that catching sensation or that worry that they are going to make their aches and pains worse and people often find if they have sciatica symptoms they ease as well


benefits pilates 3Number 3 is posture.

People often say to me that they are able to sit in a chair for longer without having any aches and pains where previously sitting was uncomfortable or they feel like they seize up.  They notice they are able to stand a little taller and often people ask if they have got taller, or notice that something has changed but they can’t work out what.


benefits pilates 4

Number 4 is core strength.

Core strength is really important to reduce aches and  pains. It also reduce the likelihood of back pain, neck and shoulder aches re-occurring. Core strength works on strengthening the deep tummy muscles creating support and be able to move easily doing your day to day tasks for example bending down to get the washing or picking up children.


benefits pilates 5Number 5 is coordination.

Pilates is really good at connecting the mind / brain to your body which in this busy existence we live in quite often we neglect. Through pilates we are getting the body moving in a controlled way and concentrating on they are moving, being aware of what they are doing and what they are not doing. Initially they become more conscious and have to think about it but through practise this becomes unconscious so they don’t have to think about anymore


benefits pilates 6Number 6 is flexibility.

Getting the body moving to improve flexibility, people often say they notice feeling that they have less aches and stiffness and reducing the frequency of it recurring. They often notice that they can bend down and touch the floor which they couldn’t before, they can turn their neck round where previously it felt stiff and achy or in their lower back that they can rotate into the back without it feeling restricted. The common one is being able to turn their head and be able to look over their blind spot when driving easily.


benefits of pilates 7Number 7 is de-stressing and making time for you.

People often find that in a class that they are focused on them, than not thinking about their To Do List and everything else that they need to get done. They’re focusing on them, find it relaxing, de-stressing and working on moving their body and also smiling and laughing as well


benefits of pilatesNumber 8 is balance.

People often find through doing Pilates that they are able to balance easier so for example balancing to get changed, to put socks or on to put pants on is easier and also they are able to correct their balance which longer term as we age has the benefit of reducing the likelihood of falls


benefits of pilates 9Number 9 is people often say to me that they sleep better from doing their Pilates.

They have a better quality of sleep but also when they wake up they have less aches and pains so you feel like they can get out of bed and not make lots of noises moaning and groaning and feeling like they are an older person


benefits of pilates 10Number 10 is strengthening the body.

Strengthening the muscles the core muscles that we discussed earlier but also pilates helps to strengthen the muscles in the legs, arms and around the body so that feel stronger. This is helpful when doing daily tasks like lifting, turning and also people often notice that they don’t feel as tired as easily.

If you would like to see if pilates is right for you and enjoy the benefits we mentioned about you are welcome to come and try our beginners free pilates trail class where we can show you how doing pilates regularly can help you physically and mentally feel great.  For more information and to book please click here alternatively please call us on 01722 632177 and we can help you.

Hope to see you in a pilates class soon