Sports Massage (Salisbury) is an amazing technique to help people feel better and move better.

#1)Not sporty? It doesn’t matter!
We use various soft tissue techniques within sports massage which are made specific to the client and what they want to get relief from for example back ache, neck and shoulder tension or calf pain.
We think of it as deep tissue massage which is goal focused, but also has enough pressure to be effective whilst the person stays relaxed.

We have all had a massage where we have tensed up and wince (Grrr)! Tensing up muscles means we can’t get as deep and to the problem as we need to which allows the biggest changes to aches and problems.

So whether you are sporty or just someone who wants to feel better, move better and enjoy hobbies we make the treatment specific to what feels good with sports massage in Salisbury.

#2) Worried it will hurt? – you are in control! We tell our clients to tell us if painful although we hope we will notice before they say anything. The more relaxed the client and feels able to communicate with us the better the results and quicker.

So whether you are a runner in their 40’s or someone in the 60’s who wants to move better – we can help achieve your goals.

The sports massage treatment we do is made specific to you with the exercises and advise we give, treatment and massage given and what we recommend is all specific to you and your goals.

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